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Safer Queuing

with virtual solutions

Virtual solutions for safe and social distance queuing

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we are all facing new situations in our everyday lives. Restrictions are imposed to ensure public safety, and citizens are encouraged to practice social distancing.

Some service providers remain open to provide essential services for citizens (hospitals, pharmacies, and grocery stores for example). How do you, as service provider, protect your visitors and staff, while also striving to deliver excellent services and comfort for all?


How virtual queuing can support social distancing

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Control the number of people visiting your premises

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Minimize close interactions

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Reduce the time customers have to spend on-site

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Manage customer flow

Social distancing solutions for safe queuing

Get our latest offering for virtual queuing solutions, Instant Mobile Queue Management Package.

Features include:

  • Remote check-in with QR codes

  • Mobile Ticket for remote queuing

  • Messaging services for contactless ticket distribution

  • Real-time monitoring

  • Extensive analysis and reporting

Easy & quick implementation, no upfront investments in hardware or software needed.

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Webinar: The fast track to safer queuing

Our latest offering, Instant Mobile Queue Management Package, supports safe customer journeys using mobile ticketing and cloud technology.

Watch the webinar to see how these virtual solutions work and how it can help protect your customers and staff.

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Guide: Safer queuing with virtual solutions

The current situation regarding COVID-19 affects everyone with lockdowns and restrictions in place. This guide gives insights on using virtual queuing solutions for social distancing in stores, healthcare facilities, and other essential businesses.

Read our virtual queuing guide for insights and tips.

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Already a customer?

Find out how you can switch to virtual customer journey management to protect your visitors, staff, and organization.


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Insights & tips: Using virtual waiting line solutions for safer queuing

Minimize clinic waiting times to avoid virus spread

In times of coronavirus breakouts and in the middle of the regular influenza season, there is an ongoing debate on how to avoid spreading of infections. When aiming to reduce the waiting time- and number of patients in a waiting room, there are a few things to consider.


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Virtual queuing tips to aid social distancing for service providers

The current situation regarding COVID-19 has required us all to take precautionary measures and practice social distancing. How can you continue to provide a service, but minimize the risk for customers and staff? Here are a few ways to help you can achieve this.


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