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Safer customer journey management

Keeping people connected to services

Providing the best tools and solutions for connecting people to services is at the heart of what we do. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we are all facing new situations in our everyday lives. Social distancing and meticulous hand hygiene have become important rules to live by. For how long we don’t know. But what we do know, is that the need for people to get connected to services remains. People with medical conditions will need regular check-ups. Driver's licenses and official documents will still need to be collected in person. We will have to visit the pharmacy for picking up medication, and so on.

Be part of the solution – let us help out

Sooner or later, we will all end up in situations where the only alternative is getting served face to face. Services must remain available. And visitors, as well as staff, should feel as comfortable as possible during service. This is often harder to achieve today than it was just a couple of months ago. We cannot change this situation. But we can help you adapt. Below you'll find a few solutions that we know can make a difference. For your visitors, for your staff, for your organization. For making a small contribution to solving the situation we’re currently in. And, for you to be prepared for your visitors changing their behaviour even when things are back to normal.

Start with the basics - keep check-in kiosks clean

Clean the screens of your self check-in kiosks frequently. This is a quick and simple action to take for reducing the risk of the virus spreading.

Read more for instructions on how to clean the screens on our self check-in kiosks.

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Booked appointments only

Changing to appointment-only can significantly reduce, or even eliminate, the crowd in your waiting area. With Qmatic Orchestra Appointment Manager you can establish future and same-day appointments.

Available appointments can be easily booked either by call center staff, face to face onsite, self-service via a mobile-friendly web interface, or a combination of the three.

Mobile ticket

Being a browser-based solution, the mobile ticket is available to everyone with a smartphone. Taking a mobile ticket is as easy as scanning a QR code. By posting the QR code on your front door you make it possible for visitors to take their ticket without even entering your premises. A visitor may then wait in for example his or her car, comfortably monitoring queue progress. That way, a visitor may wait until just a couple of numbers remain to be served before entering the waiting area.

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Calling visitors using mobile devices

Connect Agent is an Orchestra app that turns a smartphone or tablet both into a counter and a sign for calling visitors. This means that it's easy for staff to leave premises to call visitors waiting outside. It also eliminates the need for service by a counter, which means that your staff can either provide service immediately, or guide the visitor directly to the appropriate service area.

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Staff-assisted check-in and appointment booking

Keep a safe distance and an empty waiting area while greeting and serving visitors. Orchestra’s Concierge functionality runs on a pc or tablet. This makes it easy to have staff greeting and serving visitors even outside your waiting area. With Concierge, it’s possible to check in visitors, with or without a pre-booked appointment. It is also possible to book appointments, distribute mobile tickets and register phone numbers for messaging purposes.

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Stay in touch using messaging services

Several of our applications offer the possibility to send text messages to visitors. For appointment bookings, the typical example would be to send a reminder for the appointment. When using Mobile Ticket, a message can be sent when the visitor is coming close to be served (i.e. there are only X numbers remaining to be served before it's the visitor's turn). But in times of uncertainty and possible discomfort, messages can also be used to convey information about things such as what will happen during the visit, hygiene routines on premise, when to enter, etc.


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Keep track on queue status

An empty waiting area doesn't mean that no one is queueing. When implementing Mobile Ticket, your waiting area will suddenly become close to empty. But, nevertheless you may have lots of visitors waiting off site. With Operations Panel enabled you get real-time status at a glance, allowing you to match staffing with number of visitors. You can even set service thresholds for e.g. maximum wait times. Then, as a threshold is passed, messaging services can be used to notify staff about the situation.

Stay safe and improve - ask your visitors

Was cleanliness and hygiene acceptable during the visit? Did the visitor feel comfortable during service? Was check-in, ticketing, etc. smooth? Answers to these question can be of great help in improving customer experience. We can provide functionality for sending a text message with a link to a customized feedback form. That way, visitors may give feedback and evaluate their visit after leaving your premises.


To learn more about how your Orchestra solution can be tailored to support safe customer journeys, please contact your Qmatic representative.

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