Reopening government agencies

with Customer Journey Management solutions

Customer Journey Management - the solution for safe and efficient reopening

Due to the pent-up need for services, there's an increased risk for overcrowded waiting areas during the reopening period. Do you have a plan for reopening to ensure adherence to regulations and restrictions?

Our appointment and virtual queue management solutions include all the functionality you need to reopen and provide services in a safe manner.

Enable appointment scheduling for residents

By allowing residents to schedule appointments online, you can better plan and reduce unscheduled walk-ins. Appointment scheduling prevents crowded waiting areas and streamlines your operations.

With Appointment Scheduling solutions by Qmatic, you can:

  • Allow residents to book, reschedule, and cancel appointments online
  • Set up automated booking confirmation, reminders, and notifications
  • Manage visitor flow by regulating opened appointment slots
  • Plan staff allocation in advance according to appointment requests
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Serve residents remotely with Virtual Meeting Solutions

We offer a complete solution for a remote customer journey. By serving residents via video call or chat, you can provide services in a safe manner, while also making it more accessible.

The solution is available for integration with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex, Google Meet, or any other video meeting platform you might have.

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Let residents wait remotely with Mobile Ticket

Minimize the crowd in your waiting area by allowing residents to wait remotely until it’s their turn. With a mobile ticket, residents can monitor their progress in the line on their phone and get a notification when it's their turn to be served.

The Mobile Ticket can be obtained by scanning a QR code, following the link in their appointment reminder, or with staff assistance.

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Customer journey management solution

Features include:

  • Appointment scheduling

  • Self-registration and arrival management

  • Virtual queue management

  • Mobile Ticket for remote queuing

  • Analytics, reporting, and real-time monitoring

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Guide: Appointment management solutions for safer reopening

This guide covers:

  • How appointment management solutions can aid social distancing when businesses reopen after restrictions are eased
  • Benefits of appointment management software
  • What to consider when investing in appointment management solutions
  • The best practices for implementing appointment management solutions 
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