Demo: Vaccine scheduling solution

See how you can manage COVID-19 vaccinations efficiently with robust vaccine scheduling solutions

Provide a safe and efficient way to administer COVID-19 vaccinations to residents across multiple locations. Qmatic’s cloud-based vaccine scheduling software is available for quick implementation. Designed to handle a large number of appointments and visitors, our patient scheduling system allows you to manage patient flow smoothly. In this demo you will se our best practice COVID-19 vaccination solution developed together with our clients.

The demo covers the four main steps in the vaccination process:

  • Appointment booking:
    -  Online appointment booking interface and functions 
    -  Staff interface and functions for appointment booking via phone calls
  • Arrival process:
    -  Staff interface for arriving appointments and how to send notifications
  • Queuing and serving:
    -  Staff interface for the serving process and how to notify and serve in an orderly way
  • Post-service and scheduling:
    -  Functions to facilitate booking of the 2nd vaccination dose during the observation period

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