Case Study: Virtual Queue Management

Qmatic have worked with a leading global furniture company who aim to create a unique immersive customer experience across their stores. Seeking to double the size of their business over the next few years in a tougher mature market which is predicted to have turbulent times ahead.


Retailer challenges


Store formats of all shapes and sizes are on offer and customer convenience is at the core of their strategy. Customer demand a single channel experience whether digital or physical now and retailers need to respond to this. Offering services such as Click and Collect are key to support research at home and buy in store behaviour. Consumers also want a personal and attentive service when interacting with a brand – especially on higher value purchases such as kitchens.

Increasing the overall customer experience is priority especially when the customer needs to commit reasonable amounts of precious time when selecting these types of products. Customers need to be able to find what they want and connect to service, which is not often easy in large Furniture and DIY stores.

Online is a growing trend but still only accounts for a small proportion of sales in the sector. However, traditional furniture retailers need to embrace innovative technology to defend against new entrants and protect their business within this growing channel. Reporting is also a challenge for retailers in the sector. Online analytics have opened the door to deep levels of understanding of customers, but how can this be applied to the physical store?

How Qmatic helped

Qmatic worked with the global furniture retailer in the UK to look at how the overall customer experience can be improved. The solution focussed on providing a seamless customer journey that can both increase customer satisfaction and the efficiency of the operation.

In order to enhance the customer experience in a key service areas Qmatic installed a connected customer journey management solution. Customers can self-serve via touch screen kiosks and the solution provides virtual queue management avoiding the need to wait in lines. Customers can relax in seating provided and digital signage updates them when it is their time to be served. Marketing content provides the customers with new product updates and promotions.

The Results

Customers feel relaxed that they are in process. The furniture retailer can manage all customers in-store waiting to be connected to service. Staff are enabled with easy to use interfaces to call customers. Management teams at the store can see real-time performance insights including customer numbers, waiting time and performance data of all counters such as service times to manage key service level goals.


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