Get an Instant Download: Increasing Operational Efficiency in Local Councils

Download our latest survey report so that you can understand how local councils in the UK are increasing operational efficiency with advancements in customer journey management

We have surveyed over 70 local councils in the UK through a freedom of information request and gathered our findings on how they are approaching customer journey management. 

Topics covered in this report:

  • Do they have a strategy in place to reduce waiting times? 
  • How are they measuring the customer experience? 
  • How many complaints do they receive each year relating to poor customer experience?
  • Are local councils meeting their waiting time targets? 
  • Are they adopting innovations in technology which will increase efficiency in customer journey management? 

Read the full report now and we will further provide you with a comparison of the results with our NHS trust survey plus a case story on how the City of Wolverhampton council are creating £1.5m in operational savings.


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