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More and more aspects of everyday life go digital, and so does queuing. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown that there is a need to make queuing safe.

Qmatic Solo customers already know that there are technical solutions that enable an even customer flow and efficient customer journeys. But the world is changing, and so are the problems – and solutions – of businesses. So, if you like what Solo does for you and your customers, or if you have been thinking of what else can be done in the field of customer journey management, Qmatic Cloud Solutions is for you.

Qmatic Cloud Solutions is flexible, scalable and grows with you and your needs, always updated and always upgraded. Supporting both digital and physical customer journeys, Qmatic Cloud Solutions helps you implement safe queuing, whether it is virtual, physical, or a mix of both. Suitable for all sorts of tasks, from basic queuing to complex customer journey management, it is a solution that can accommodate a wide range of customer demographics.

A flexible cloud solution

Qmatic Cloud Solutions is a subscription-based cloud service with a fixed fee that includes software functionality, hosting, system maintenance and support. There are no initial investments in hardware or software required, and no additional cost for software upgrades. You will always have the latest version.

All Solo systems that now work on their own will be connected and centrally administered. Hence, changes can be done simply and quickly, centrally and it will be applied to all branches. You will not have to implement changes one by one.

And the best part: Qmatic Cloud Solutions grows and changes with you. Regardless of whether you may need more users for your configuration, or if you want to explore new possibilities with added functionality, it is quickly and easily done.


New possibilities with the cloud solution

Mobile Ticket for virtual queuing

With the Entry Plus package you will have all the services you know from Solo, and more. Qmatic’s Mobile Ticket feature removes at least one physical touchpoint, allowing your customer to receive their ticket on their own smartphone instead of taking a physical one. Mobile ticket is a browser-based solution, available to everyone with a smartphone. Issuing a mobile ticket is as easy as scanning a QR code. By posting the QR code outside your premises, you make it possible for visitors to receive a ticket without even entering. A visitor may then wait in for example their car, comfortably monitoring the queue progress until it is their turn.

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hand holding smartphone with mobile ticket

Keep customers informed with Messaging Services

The phones are also used with Qmatic’s Messaging Services, which gives you the possibility to send messages to your visitors as well as your employees, always keeping them informed. Visitors may check themselves in and then receive their ticket by SMS, reducing both physical touchpoints and waiting time.


Appointment booking system

Further, the Entry Plus package comes with an appointment booking system, where your customers can schedule an appointment online. This improves customer satisfaction, saves time for your staff and workload more even and predictable by increasing the number of booked appointments while still leaving room for walk-ins. Qmatic Cloud Solutions handles both.

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Qmatic Insights and Operations Panel for intelligence and improvement

Finally, Qmatic Insights and Operations Panel gives you great opportunities to gather data and get insights about, not only your customer flow, but also customers’ experience and your business in general – helping you increase efficiency and improve customer satisfaction. The Operations Panel is intuitive, with optimized reporting and a centralized overview of all your branches.

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Safe queuing in times of social distancing

With Qmatic Cloud Solutions, you will be able to offer your customers not only a simple and smooth journey, but also ways to avoid physical lines and crowded waiting rooms. The combination of Qmatic Appointment Booking, Mobile Ticket and Messaging Services makes a lot of queuing virtual, creating more space at the counters and in the waiting rooms for those of your customers less accustomed to web and mobile solutions.

The Entry Plus package on Qmatic Cloud Solutions

  • Support virtual and safe queue management

  • Cloud-based subscription solution. No upfront investments in hardware or software needed

  • Mobile Ticket

  • Appointment Manager

  • Messaging Services

  • Counter

  • Insights and Operations Panel

  • Media display

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