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Provide a safer shopping experience by reducing crowds and lines with virtual queuing solutions

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Shopping by appointment for a safe(r) shopping experience at shopping malls, department stores, and shops

Virtual Queuing Solutions and retail scheduling software from Qmatic effectively limits the number of shoppers on your premises and provide customers with a safer in-store experience by reducing crowds and lines at shopping malls, department stores, and shops – ensuring a safe and secure environment for customers and staff.

By allowing customers to pre-book a store visit online together with ability to join a virtual line using Qmatic Mobile Ticket, you can manage the customer flow in a safe and secure manner to avoid congestion. Qmatic's virtual queuing solutions and Click-and-Collect software make it easy to keep your locations open and achieve social distancing, while empowering customers with a contactless, safe, and seamless shopping experience. 

Book a store visit

Qmatic's retail scheduling system is an easy and convenient way for customers to directly book their next store visit or curbside pickup on your website.

Embed on your website

With its intuitive interface, customers can easily book, reschedule, or cancel appointments online from your website and at a day and time that suites them best. Pre-booked appointments offer your customers convenience, reduce wait times, and create a better and safer customer experience. 

SMS and email notifications

After scheduling a store appointment, customers receive automated confirmations and reminders via SMS and email for their upcoming appointment, keeping your customers informed at every step of the customer journey, while successfully reducing no-shows rates. 

Customize to fit your brand

Our appointment solution is customizable and allows you to brand your appointment solution by adding your logo and brand color palette to ensure that you’re always on brand.


How Qmatic's retail scheduling system works:

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Step 1: Book an appointment

Select store and book a day & time to visit

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Step 2: Receive updates 

Confirmation and reminders are sent via SMS & email for the upcoming appointment


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Step 3: Check-in

Arrive at the store and click the link to obtain a Mobile Ticket

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Step 4: It's your turn

Get notified and enter the store

Join a virtual queue and wait anywhere

Customers visiting a shopping mall or a store can easily avoid crowds and skip physical lines by using Qmatic Mobile Ticket. 

No app needed

Qmatic Mobile Ticket is a browser-based solution that allow customers to scan a QR code to join a virtual queue. This allows customers to get access your services without having to stand in a physical line. And the best part?  It's available for everyone with a smartphone -  no app is required. 

It's simple to join the virtual line 

By scanning a QR code outside the store, customers can select the desired service and join the virtual line. This makes it possible for customers to wait anywhere and in real-time follow their place in line on their smartphone.

When the visitor is next in line, store employees can easily call the customer forward using our staff applications using a tablet or smartphone. This makes it possible to protect customers and staff by practicing social distancing to reduce the risk of virus spread and eliminate crowded in store interactions. 

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How to join a virtual queue

  1. Scan the QR code and join the virtual queue from anywhere
  2. Wait at a safe distance wherever you want
  3. Follow the progress in real-time on your smartphone
  4. Get notified when it's your turn to be served

The best of both worlds

Offer your customers the best of both worlds by combining retail scheduling software or a click-and-collect app with Mobile Ticket. This enables customers to check-in seamlessly and safe upon arrival to the appointment.

By clicking the link received in the appointment reminder, the customer obtains a Mobile Ticket. Once the customer is next in line, the store employee simply calls the customer forward using Qmatic's staff applications. The customer is then notified and can arrive at the store for the scheduled visit.

Other check-in options include:

- Check-in via Qmatic's self service kiosks 

- Check in via Concierge 

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