Customer Journey Management

The Retail Banking Guide to Unlocking More Cross-selling and Upselling Opportunities

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Technology has forever changed the face of banking. But instead of spelling the end of the branch, it has catapulted its importance within the customer journey. That’s because consumers today still prefer to speak to a person for complex financial products. So how can retail bank branches thrive in the age of the digital consumer?

This guide explains how a customer journey management solution can help bridge the online and physical worlds to maximize upselling/cross-selling opportunities, and how to transform the customer experience in retail banking to achieve your business results.

The guide covers:

  • The rise of omnichannel banking, and the key factors to success in this
  • The role data and analytics play in identifying opportunities
  • Why personalization matters, and how you can optimize a customer journey management solution to achieve your business targets
  • How to optimize and equip staff with customer data to improve the omnichannel banking experience

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