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Safe vaccinations

Avoid crowding and cut wait times

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Keep your patients safe during Covid-19 vaccinations by avoiding queues and crowds with Qmatic’s cloud-based patient journey management solution 

Physical queueing and crowded waiting rooms can be easily avoided with Qmatic’s quickly implemented, cloud-based solution for queue management. It will help you achieve an even, manageable and socially distanced patient flow.

No physical queue to Covid-19 vaccinations

Qmatic’s cloud solutions for queue management reduces physical touchpoints and helps social distancing by minimizing crowding and patients’ waiting time. It allows you to offer the safe and smooth vaccination visits that your patients demand, and does so entirely on their conditions. Booking their vaccinations online and not having to wait at your premises makes their visit safe.

Simple patient flow management

Letting patients book and reschedule their appointments online or by phone is not only great for customer satisfaction, it also saves time for you and your staff. A high number of booked appointments makes your workload predictable and even, but of course our appointment scheduling software handles walk-in visitors as well.  

Cloud-based software replaces physical contact 

Mobile tickets instead of physical ones, scanning QR codes instead of approaching a counter, waiting for your turn outside or in your car instead of in the waiting room – Qmatic makes reducing physical touchpoints easy. Patients with mobile tickets are easy to keep informed and updated by different notifications, and it is just as easy for them to leave feedback on your service.

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Minimize crowding to protect visitors and staff 

With as many patients as possible waiting outside with their mobile tickets, those not accustomed to cell phones can still check in via your staff or a self-service kiosk without having to worry about crowding.  

Download patient flow management guide

PFM-guide-previewThis guide aims to give you an insight into the common challenges faced by healthcare providers today (specifically during the pandemic) and how to implement safe queuing by doing efficient patient flow management and optimizing virtual queuing solutions.

The Patient Flow Management guide covers:
  • Challenges for healthcare providers – in general and specifically during the pandemic
  • How to manage patient flow efficiently to support social distancing in healthcare facilities
  • How to optimize virtual solution to implement safe queuing when the demand is high
  • Patient journey with virtual solutions
  • Tips for implementing virtual queuing for safe patient journeys

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