Nearby shops, branches or hospitals can be displayed with real-time service availability and the ability for customers or patients to get in line before arriving.


Wait Anywhere

Customers and patients can relax and wait wherever they desire, knowing their exact place in the process improving satisfaction scores.


Easily and seamlessly request post service feedback on the customers or patients mobile device once a visit has been completed.

Customer Journey Management

Mobile Ticket connects to Orchestra, an enterprise platform to manage omnichannel customer journeys. Orchestra future proof’s your customer experience strategy with bolt-on modular packages including appointment and resource management, online collection processing, digital signage, context marketing opportunities and staff mobile applications.


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A ticket-less queue management solution

Qmatic’s mobile ticket solution enables customers to get in line before arriving at a physical location. It also allows customers or patients to select a mobile ticket, giving them the flexibility to wait where ever they desire while still being able to monitor their place in line.

Anyone with a smartphone and a web browser can access the mobile ticket – there is no need to download yet another app. For organisations looking for a ticket-less queue management system this is the ultimate solution!

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Location Search

Integrating Mobile Ticket into your web page  gives your customers or patients the possibility to get in line for a service before arriving at a selected location. Plus, they can see real-time waiting volumes.

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Customer Notifications

Customers can get an SMS with a link to Mobile Ticket from a staff member or from a self-service touch screen kiosk when the customer or patient enters their mobile phone number.

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QR Code Scanning 

A QR-code sent via email confirmation, for example, can be scanned at a self-service touch-screen kiosk to generate a mobile virtual ticket when the customer or patient is on-site.

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