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Customer journey mapping

What and how


Customer Journey Mapping webinar

Listen to Henk Varkevisser, Director of CX Academy at Qmatic, as he gives a webinar on Customer Journey Mapping. The presentation covers:

The Science of Customer Journey Management
A background to what customer journey management is, in which queue management is an important part.

Customer Journey Mapping
- From a customer’s perspective: Important questions to ask oneself regarding what services are offered to the customer when setting up the structure.

- From a client’s perspective: Explaining work profiles and how they are used.

Customer Segmentation
Segmentation rules and possible criteria to segment customers by.

How an integrated appointment software can be used to serve the customer in the pre-service stage but also how it affects the customer and the client throughout the journey.

How customer feedback can be used in the post-service stage to get insights in the customer journey and improve customer satisfaction moving forward.

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