Choosing a solution

Recorded webinar:
Choosing a solution

What to consider


Webinar: Choosing a solution

In this recorded webinar you will learn more about how to choose a solution for your customer journey management or queue management. The presentation covers:

Decision driversBusiness drivers such as functionality and value for the client and its customers, as well as commercial drivers like cost of solution

Queue management and customer journey management - functions and features
The main functions and features and what to consider when designing your specific customer journey management solution.

  • Pre-service functions: Appointment solutions and booking functionality
  • Service functions: Check-in options, displays, staff interfaces, mobile and remote waiting and serving possibilities, etc.
  • Post-service functions: Instant feedback and survey options.
  • Data: Options for monitoring live operations as well as tools for reporting and analysis of historical data.

Commercial options – How the customer journey management system can be deployed and managed as well as what payment options are available.

Speaker: Henk Varkevisser, Director of CX Academy at Qmatic.

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