How to improve customer experience and operational efficiency by implementing multi-channel appointment booking and queue management

The nature of banking is changing. While traditional transactions are increasingly handled online, more complex products and services, which are often important life decisions, depend on face-to-face advice from experts. It’s about functionality and getting the customer journey right to maximise sales effectiveness and create opportunities to build trust and strengthen the customer relationship.

Meet your customer's requirements for great service and manage your bottom line and sales at the same time.

What if you could:

  • Reduce staffing with 32%
  • Improve productivity with 21%
  • Increase in-branch sales with 8%
  • Reduce customer walk aways with 90%

At Qmatic, we offer market leading Customer Experience Management systems based on more than 30 years experience of creating great experiences. The above are some of the results our clients have achieved.


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