Qmatic’s response to COVID-19

The outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has deeply affected everyone across the world and at Qmatic, we are closely monitoring the situation and working proactively in our approach to protect and help employees, partners, clients and the communities we operate in.

In this global pandemic, we recognize that our customer journey management systems are crucial to our client’s daily operations in the public, healthcare, retail, and financial sector and the societies we are part of. Qmatic is committed to help and support clients to continue their operations and respond to any challenge that they might face during these unprecedented times.

Our teams are available to respond to changing business needs and support your immediate requests. We are here to help and ready to serve. Our mission as a company is to connect people to services. Now is a critical time where we can help our communities best do this.

Please reach out to your local Qmatic team if you have any questions, ideas, or concerns.

See below for answers to frequently asked questions that we have received from clients and customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Qmatic’s Business Continuity Plan?
Qmatic has a business operational plan that is updated annually and reviewed quarterly. This starts with a 4-year strategic plan and is executed by functions in specific plans of action. On a quarterly basis, or more regularly based upon situations, Qmatic conducts a Business Continuity review to ensure readiness for a multitude of business impacts (disasters, disruptions, etc.) One key element in ensuring continuity is that we manage our business globally, with teams executing the work across multiple locations. We work in a distributed way, ensuring that local disruptions (both personnel and infrastructure) will not impact our ability to support employees and clients across the globe. Offices experiencing closures have maintained operational process and we have no disruptions in client support to date.

Will Qmatic Cloud Services or Managed Services be impacted?
No, we feel confident and certain that our operations are so robust that we will meet commitments to our service level agreements even under current circumstances. We utilize AWS as our platform and have a distributed team managing the workload to provide continuous services. At this time, we do not expect any disruption to cloud service availability.

Will there be delays in Qmatic’s supply chain due to COVID-19?
Potentially, yes. However, we are absolutely committed to our agreement terms and working diligently with supply and external parties to flex our capabilities. We have not had any delays to date inside our chains, at the same time we are enhancing our external capabilities to ensure all products and services can make it to our clients appropriately.

Are there any concerns regarding support or staffing for hardware replacements or installations for clients and customers?
Presently, Qmatic has maintained normal business operations and has not had staffing nor support issues. In high risk areas and government restricted regions, our business has moved to virtual work processes. We have tested our BCP activities and have had no concerns or negative impacts supporting or staffing the needs of our clients. We have extensive plans in place to mitigate these concerns if the situation changes.

How will COVID-19 affect lead times for hardware / software?
It will potentially increase lead times if it continues to intensify. We are working diligently to minimize any increases and will keep you informed on any impacts that would affect your business. At this time, we have not seen longer lead times and work with our suppliers daily to maintain the complete supply chain. Software delivery is unaffected as we deliver via internet.

How will COVID-19 affect delivery time for Genuine Qmatic Tickets and Hardware?
If the COVID-19 situation intensifies, delivery times may increase. Qmatic is working diligently to keep our customers operations going and to minimize potential lengthening of delivery times of our Genuine Ticket Rolls and Hardware. As a result, we would advise you to place orders in advance to ensure that orders can be delivered as quickly as possible.

Will Qmatic ensure that I can order consumables such as ticket rolls to my kiosk/printers?
To avoid any potential supply chain disruptions, we have increased our inventory of Genuine Qmatic Ticket rolls. This will ensure continuous deliveries to our Clients and Partners.

How can I receive updates from Qmatic?
Qmatic is committed to update our employees and clients regularly. We will be updating our website for clients, as well as providing employees regular updates to communicate individually to impacted clients. Please check back for the latest information.

What else is Qmatic doing?
Beyond ensuring that we can support our clients as described above, Qmatic staff is working actively to ideate and come up with ways our clients can use our systems to reduce physical touchpoints.

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