Improving Government Efficiency with Smarter Service Provision

Posted by Stefan af Bjur


Governments across the world are under pressure to improve public sector performance and at the same time contain expenditure growth – pressure that has not relented since the economic crash of 2008.While factors such as ageing populations and increasing health care and pension costs add to budgetary pressures, citizens are demanding that governments be made more accountable for what they do with taxpayers’ money in the day-to-day delivery of services.

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How ‘Smart’ Cities are Improving Lives for Communities and Citizens

Posted by Peter Lundqvist


On city, state, and national levels, government organizations are working to understand how big data technologies could transform how metro areas work. Many have begun to gather, organize, store, analyze and use insights in an effort to become more efficient and improve life for their citizens.

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6 Ways Consolidation Creates Savings and Success for Government Agencies

Posted by Sven-Olof Husmark


Around the world, municipal agencies are trying to manage high service expectations from constituents. They are striving to do more – for more – with limited resources. And they are taking steps to ensure their efforts are meaningful and transparent.

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