Eliminate queues

With appointment scheduling software, customers can time their arrival and avoid long queues. You can distribute the slots to avoid crowding on your premises.

Minimize crowds in waiting areas

Automatic notifications and reminders will keep customers informed, so they don't need to wait in the waiting room. 

Manage customer flow efficiently

Smart calling rules and skill-based matching create an efficient process and customer flow, leading to increased customer satisfaction.

Qmatic's appointment booking and management system

With Qmatic customer journey management system, you will be able to manage booked appointments and walk-in customers in a safe manner to maintain social distancing, obtain statistics and find out what is happening in your business.


Online appointment booking

With flexible and advanced solutions, your customers can schedule appointments online and move smoothly from registration to service provision.

Qmatic's appointment booking features are fully integrated with queue management solutions and self-service modules to simplify the customer experience. From the moment someone books an appointment, you receive the information you need to choose the employees and resources that can best accommodate the customers' needs.

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Paid_Mobile Ticket in hand

Contactless self check-in

Customers can check-in to their appointment online and get a mobile ticket upon arrival without any staff interaction, allowing customers to safely wait outside the premises until called.

video appointment for remote service delivery

Remote service delivery with video appointment

With Teams integration, you serve customers remotely with video appointment, accessible via a meeting link for both the customer and staff.

man with phone in lobby

Automatic confirmation and reminders with messaging services

Set up automatic confirmation and reminders with messaging services to prevent no-shows.

Other modules and solutions

  • BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE - Real-time data, analytics, and advanced reporting for optimizing resource planning and improving services
  • APPS FOR EMPLOYEES - mobile management to improve productivity and support social distancing
  • DIGITAL SIGNAGE - to communicate offers, promotions and information
  • MOBILE TICKET - allow your customers to wait anywhere and keep them informed with live updates on their phone

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