Qmatic Serves Customers at the  World’s Most Famous Football Club


“ Qmatic’s customer flow management system has enabled us to become far more efficient at serving our customers. By segmenting our VIP and collections customers, we avoid extra frustration with long queues. These customers can quickly collect their tickets and move on to enjoy the experience of being in the most renowned football club in the world. As a world class club, we need to offer a world class service and Qmatic’s system has helped us to do so.

Mark Gyves, Electrical Services Manager, Manchester United FC


As the most well-known football club in the World, Manchester United Football Club sees a very high volume of people at its ticket office on match days. However, on non-match days, the ticket office can be quiet with just a handful of customers an hour.

Managing such large fluctuations in footfall can be difficult, especially when there are a wide variety of customer enquiries, including general enquiries, ticket purchasing, collections and VIP ticket processing. A refurbishment of the ticket office

and evaluation of how customer flow could be managed more efficiently, were the key drivers for looking to upgrade the Club’s existing queue management system.

Qmatic was the first choice for Manchester United FC’s queue management system,

and together the two businesses worked in partnership to provide a solution tailored to the Club’s specific requirements, creating a solution that was scalable, enabled segmentation of customers, is easy to use and which can be flexible.


Segmenting Customers

Qmatic worked with Manchester United FC to segment customer enquiries. During match days, some people queue to buy tickets, while others want to collect tickets they have already purchased online or by phone. In addition, there are prize winners who have won tickets, VIP members and those that arrive for the hospitality boxes. Each have different expectations in terms of service and so the Qmatic system was developed to segment these customers, making it quicker to serve collections and VIP customers and to enable faster transaction times for those looking to purchase tickets.

Qmatic’s technology was installed, serving 15 counters, with 15 LCD display monitors to call people forward and display customer information. From the moment customers enter the ticket office, the displays make it easy for customers to know where to queue. As peak flows subside, it is easy for customer advisers to switch their counter to serve the longest queue and increase customer throughput. 


Quick Facts


The Challenges: 

  • To provide a flexible solution that can be scaled up from two or three customers an hour to 300 an hour on match days
  • To enable ticket collections to be served more efficiently
  • To be very easy to use by staff

The Results:

  • Faster queue for collections and VIP customers
  • More efficient throughput of customers
  • Fewer customer escalations to management


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