Ellen Hartelius

Product Manager Mobile & User Experience Designer

Ellen Hartelius is a user experience strategist passionate about well-designed, memorable customer journeys. As Mobile Solutions Product Manager and User Experience Designer, she combines this user-focused mindset with industrial design engineering experience to help innovate and improve Qmatic solutions that support the success of our clients and their customers.

Recent Posts

Get Mobile - How to Improve Productivity, Personalization, and Profit

Posted by Ellen Hartelius


Did you know that it’s quite possible that as many as three-quarters of the people who walk into a retail location have never been there before?

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Topics: Mobile, Retail, productivity, Customer Experience

How to Make Your Customers Want to Play the Waiting Game

Posted by Ellen Hartelius


Think of the last time you…

•  Went to the store
•  Renewed a license
•  Visited the doctor
•  Stopped at the bank...

Each errand had its own specific purpose. But we would venture to say that all had one thing in common – it required that you wait, likely in a checkout line or for a service provider. For customers, this wait time can be a test of patience or it can be used productively. More often than not, today’s customers are finding ways to fill that time with something housed on their mobile phone.

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