Improving Government Efficiency with Smarter Service Provision

Posted by Stefan af Bjur


Governments across the world are under pressure to improve public sector performance and at the same time contain expenditure growth – pressure that has not relented since the economic crash of 2008.

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CX vs. UX – isn't it all just about the experience?

Posted by Peter Lundqvist


Sometimes the jargon gets a little confusing. Here we take a look at the relationship between Customer Experience and User experience.

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Topics: Customer Experience, User Experience

Videocare means everywhere and anytime

Posted by Peter Lundqvist


A visit to the doctor over the internet gives more people access to care regardless of time and location. It’s not the end of having “a physical”, but it’s a great complement.

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Topics: Healthcare, Customer Journey

A word to the wise

Posted by Peter Lundqvist


Voice-controlled virtual assistants are gaining ground and will soon become integrated into many service situations. Maybe it will become the universal way of getting things done. Maybe not.

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Topics: Customer Experience, Technology

When less is more - why the best strategy in CX is about behavior quality

Posted by Peter Lundqvist


I do dumb stuff sometimes! 

And so do you. Even when there are better alternatives available. It’s a weird, irrational and deeply human behavior that I think we need to study more.

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Fed up with queuing? You won’t have to wait more than seven minutes here

Posted by Peter Lundqvist


New passport within the hour. Take a queue ticket and get married. Stay in your car and get drive-in service. In Georgia’s capital Tbilisi, the 14,000 people who visit Public Service Hall every day wait no more than seven minutes to get their business dealt with by 400 operators working at maximum efficiency.

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